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August 19, 2013

summer book // update 2.

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving getting back into scrapbooking? I LOVE it. I'm so excited about this book that I find myself saving every little scrap of anything during my days just so I can sit down and make a page when I get home.
I paper clipped a few pictures of the picnic I went on with my friends to the left page and used a smash stamp and elise's i love stamp to decorate. I slipped a pretty forever 21 tag into the top ring and used the back of it to journal about spending way too much money there for summer clothes. I used a vellum envelope that I scored in an 8 pack from ac moore for a dollar, and slipped in all of my memorabilia from the taylor swift and ed sheeran concert.
Because the envelope was see-through, I made sure I put things from the concert flipped both ways, and put a picture of ed sheeran performing on the back. On the right page I put a few pictures from my trip to the boardy barn with my friends, along with some random journaling and a sticker from the fine establishment.
I used a full 4x6 photo of my running shoes after a long run because I loved the colors and thought it would look better bigger. On the right I took a page out of elise's book and copy pasted the text from a 'currently' blog post, which I printed straight on the paper that came in the book, and made the text all dark yellow to match a little smash tab that I have been trying to find a use for.
I pasted in two movie tickets, one from a dinner and movie date with my frien
ds to see the heat (pretty funny), another one from the way, way back, which I saw with R and my friend Meagan (2/3 of us were sobbing at the end, I'll leave it up to your imagination though). I used letter stickers from michael's that I got so long ago and removed from the packaging, but it was nice to finally use them. On the right I put three of the twenty pictures I took the day before R got here of max throwing a tantrum, and threw on a piece of washi tape from target to add a bit of journaling because it matched the shirt max is wearing in the pictures. I'm weird like that.
I printed another 4x6 picture of mine and rich's drinks at a ben howard concert in central park and added flair buttons that say his and hers. I slipped the ticket from the show in between, and put a picture of us on the right with some journaling, letter stamps from michael's dollar section, and an ampersand stamp from paper source.

That's most of what I've got so far, besides a bunch of half finished pages, so to be continued again!

Supplies used: vellum envelopes from ac moore, elise joy's i love stamp, smash date stamp, mt washi tape, smash tabs, target washi tape, flair buttons from ormolu, letter stamps from michael's, kc collection hole punch, polka dot labels from michael's.

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