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February 6, 2014

meet lucas.

Meet Lucas, everyone! I don't really write about Lucas here because I feel like I write about him on my cousin's blog, Chelsea Dogs, all the time (I am a blogger for her, more about that here), but when I had my camera out to photograph my project life album for the week, the light was pretty good and he was lookin' cute so I took advantage. And the fruits of my labor were plentiful for sure. 
Exhibit A:Lucas is an almost two year old pooch who is the love of my life, so I figured I'd share a little bit about him since he's been appearing in a lot of my project life spreads that I show on here, and he's just a little nugget of cute, so there's that.

// he fills my days with joy, love, anger, frustration, tooth-marked possessions, and drool.
// he loves shoes. Do not take off your shoes around him.
// his favorite food is peanut butter covered chicken. Don't ask me how we found that out.
// he loves the snow and running around in it so much.
// he's a leap year baby! Born February 29, 2012.
// he thinks that napkins and tissues are food. (Like, used ones).
// he's the cutest little pooch you've ever seen when he wants something (like a treat or a snuggle sesh).
// he is a thief, but a very loud thief. Often times a black blur flies past my closet and launches itself down the stairs with a moccasin or better yet, something dirty from the hamper. It's the launching down the stairs that gives him away every single time.
// he's afraid of the jets in the bathtub (the make him cry, the poor pooch).
// he loves to play alllllll day long. One of his favorite toys is the orange ball type thing above - it holds a big treat and also bounces, which is his favorite toy action.// he can catch pretty much anything in his mouth - toys, treats, balls of socks - you name it, he'll catch it and run with it.
// he has the biggest eyes and I swear even when you're furious with him they swallow you up and take you to a heaven made of cupcakes and forgiveness. It's his best trick.
// he is a rottweiler and beagle mix, but mostly beagle.
// his favorite thing to do is go on walks with his dad around the block (read: drag daddy around the block).
// he naps like no other dog I've ever come across, and if you're sick or tired, he'll rest with you the entire day and won't even bother you to take him out. He's very affectionate and understanding in this way.
// he drinks so much water, it's hard to believe he only waters the trees five or six times a day...
// oh, and he likes lens caps. This one hurt:Even though Lucas is a crazy puppy who some may called spoiled (he sleeps on my bed with me, sorry bout it but he's a built in snuggle buddy and I will not feel guilty about it), but he's my crazy spoiled puppy and I love him to bits. If he happens to do anything super exciting in the near future or I decide to have another puppy photo shoot, you will see him again. I think he likes it here at LIM. So that's Luke, both figuarative as well as some literal snapshots of him. I will leave you with this perfectly posed gem - he's such a dramatic in front of the camera.

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