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July 22, 2013

pinterest inspired to-do list // food.

I spend so much time on Pinterest, and just like everyone else I think to myself as I pin something, "this is so cool, I'm going to do this later!" or "I am totally going to bake that cake this weekend and have a party with all of these sweet diy decorations so that my friends can eat my cake." I do it all the time. So even though pinterest keeps all of my pins in one place for me, I figured I'd start a little series by picking the top ten things on a pinterest board that I want to do/make/cook, and make my way through those lists little by little when I have the time.

My first list is definitely going to have to come from my delish board, because when Rich is here we love cooking together, so this will be like a little challenge for us in the weeks that he's visiting. On this board I have desserts, drinks, dips, and food-food items, so I think I'll limit this first list to the food-food and savory dips. I'm sure we'll end up ploughing through these, and if that's the case, I think desserts will have to be up next.

1// chicken pesto sandwich on a french baguette with tomato, arugula, and mozzarella. YUM CITY. We are both huuuuuge sandwich lovers, especially anything on a french baguette.
2// creamy white chicken and artichoke lasagna. Chicken, good. Artichoke, good. Melted cheesy goodness, gooooood.
3// mashed "potatoes" - mashed cauliflower, chives, garlic, romano cheese, and olive oil. I'm just mostly curious to see if it actually tastes like mashed potatoes at all.
4// corn and feta guacamole. I love, love, love guacamole and I love feta cheese equally, if not more. This looks absolutely delish and perfect for snacking in front of a movie or while dinner is cooking.
5// burgers stacked with spinich, brie, cranberry, avacado, bacon, and onion rings. omg. R loves burgers, so this is going to have to be a must.
6// guacamole grilled cheese sandwich. Another great sandwich, and another guacamole recipe. Amazing spin on a classic.
7// caprese dip. serve hot with pita chips. Or a spoon.
8// enchilada casserole. Cheesy goodness that can probably be served as a dish on it's own, or as a dip.
9// steak with onion bleu cheese sauce. I'm a huge fan of meats being served with a killer sauce all over it rather than just some BBQ sauce or ketchup. This is much more restaurant style, and onions and bleu cheese are just amazing.
10// buffalo chicken dip. Self-explanitory.

I'm really excited now that I've narrowed it down to ten things. I feel like this list being here will make me try harder to actually cook these dishes. Now Rich just needs to get here and we can get moving!

See my progress here.

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