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May 21, 2013

tunes tuesday // Frank Hamilton the best of #OneSongAWeek.


Right. So one of my favorite artists, singer/songriter Frank Hamilton, released a new album at the end of last year called The Best of #OneSongAWeek. Basically, you can read about it here on his blog, but in short: Frank decided in the beginning of last year to write one song a week and release it for his fans for an entire year. Super ambitious, super awesome. Unfortunately, I must have been too busy for ol' Frankie, because I didn't know that he was doing this or keeping his blog simultaneously. I also didn't know about the release of the album until I received it as a gift from my boyfriend who knows that I love FH very, very much so and also may or may not have just been getting sick of me asking to play the same five tracks from Frank's first EP - You, Your Cat, and Me - over and over again.

One of my favorite things about Frank is that aside from his amazing tunes, lyrics (see right), and style, is he finds these girls with amazing voices to collaborate either fully or a bit in the background of some songs and it just sounds really amazing. Most tracks on You, Your Cat, and Me have some kind of collab, though it's not included in the song info who the girl is. However, on the new album, one of my fave songs is feat. Lauren Aquilina, and she sounds a hell of a lot like the YYC&M girl. I could be wrong though, but either way, her voice is worth checking out as well. I just did some snooping for her on Spotify and I'm pleased with her talent and ability. So since I'm an official judge and that, yeah, check her out.

A little fun fact about this album, and perhaps about Frank in general is that his week 47 song, 'Wet Shoes', which appears on the album, is co-written by Ed Sheeran. I KNOW. The two met in 2009 and Ed went on to become the biggest singer/songwriter in the world in no time while Frank didn't. This is also in a blog post, but basically, they didn't write the song together, Frank received it after Ed wrote it and then changed a bunch of stuff around a re-wrote a few bits. But it's still awesome that they're kind of friends. Ed also mentioned Frank's project in a magazine interview which is awesome because not a lot of people know about Frank Hamilton aside from some trendy people in the UK and possibly out here in the US. I guess that makes me trendy. HA. Just kidding, but really, having an English boyfriend has immense perks, so I recommend it for sure.

This album has 20 songs, so it's really hard to pick a favorite because I love literally all of them, but if he didn't narrow it down from the original 52 to 20 then we'd have even bigger problems. So, since it's always nice to kill two birds with one stone, I'll feature 'Flaws and Ceilings' so you can hear Lauren Aquilina's voice as well. Short and sweet y'all: Go listen!

Flaws and Ceilings
Frank Hamilton (feat. Lauren Aquilina)

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