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July 31, 2012

tunes tuesday // of monsters and men.

For my first Tunes Tuesday I have decided to focus on my current obsession, Of Monsters and Men. They are a six piece indie folk/pop band from Iceland who were originally compromised of four members who won an annual battle of the bands competition in Iceland in 2010. After the addition of their last two members, the band went on to release their first album "My Head is an Animal" in September 2011.

I heard their first single (a #1 in Iceland), "Little Talks" at the beginning of this year on Spotify, because I had been listening to Mumford & Sons radio. I immediately fell in love with OMAM and have had their album on repeat ever since. If you like Mumford & Sons, you will definitely love Of Monsters and Men. Their sound is unique and really lovely, as opposed to many pop and techno songs on the radio, so it is a welcome change of pace for me at least. So have a listen down below of their hit single "Little Talks" and give the rest of their album a try if you like it! Happy listening!

Little Talks
Of Monsters And Men

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